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The OJSC «Iskra» plant is a machinery manufacturing enterprise with extensive experience in producing equipment for the oil and gas sector of the economy and automotive transport.

Over the course of more than 30 years, companies such as MAN, Scania, Volvo, RZD, AO «Transneft» have been customers of the plant’s products and services.

The absence of claims from customers speaks to the quality of the products and services provided.

The production capabilities allow for work of various complexities throughout the entire technological cycle of production, from machining to painting, including the production of large-scale products.

The park of used technological equipment has been selected to meet the highest requirements of the customer, including in terms of mechanical processing, welding, and non-destructive testing, which allows for the production of products with high surface quality and processing accuracy up to 0.005mm.


The main workshop area for the manufacturing process covers approximately 1000m2.

Among the equipment used in the technological process, the following stand out for their unique capabilities:

  1. Plasma and gas cutting installations, capable of cutting sheet metal in a thickness range of 2-120mm.
  2. Profile-bending and bending machines, with the ability to bend sheet metal up to 6m in length and 12mm in thickness in tandem.
  3. Four-roll plate bending machine with CNC, capable of rolling sheet metal with a thickness of up to 20mm with high dimensional accuracy.


The workshop area for welding production covers approximately 950m2.

The personnel’s qualifications and the welding equipment allow for a large volume of welding works to be carried out (26 welding stations are organized), including by certified welders performing welding under UT and RT.


In addition to universal lathes, drilling machines, and milling machines, in 2014 the CNC machining centers and lathes of HYUNDAIWIA were launched, which allow the manufacturing of parts of any complexity and profile within a diameter range of up to 2,000mm and heights up to 1,100mm with an accuracy of up to 0.005mm.

Lathe machine — HYUNDAI WIA LV2000 MM

The HYUNDAI WIA LV2000 MM vertical lathe machining center is designed for the mechanical processing of heavy, large-sized rotational workpieces with a maximum machining diameter of 2000 mm.

The main feature of the LV2000 MM vertical lathe is the presence of a movable column, which ensures high precision when turning large workpieces and increases the maximum processing height up to 1650 mm.

The constant power 30 kW spindle servo drive allows achieving a moment rotation characteristic of the spindle at 16200 Nm with a maximum rotation frequency of 250 rpm.

The maximum load on the table is 10000 kg with a table diameter of 1600 mm. The 12-position tool magazine allows the use of reaming tools and boring bars with a large cutting edge projection.

Maximum workpiece diameter for turning: 2050 mm

X/Y movement: 440/800 mm;

Spindle rotation speed: 2000 rpm;

FANUC 32i-А CNC system;

Processing accuracy: ±0.002 mm;

Repeatability: ±0.005 mm.

Horizontal Machining Center KH50G

The KH50G horizontal machining center is designed for roughing, semi-finishing, and finishing of large and complex prismatic-shaped housing parts and base parts made of cast iron, structural, stainless, heat-resistant steels, and alloys in the conditions of multi-commodity small and medium series production.

The machine structure features a thermo-symmetrical spindle barrel inside the gantry column, ensuring high rigidity and vibration resistance when operating in heavy cutting modes. The machine guides are hydrodynamic sliding guides processed by grinding, providing long-term preservation of the machine’s accuracy parameters, the ability to cut difficult-to-machine materials, and work with heavy cutting modes. The high-torque spindle of the machine can develop power up to 18.5 kW and 900 Nm.

Pallet dimensions: 500×500 mm;

X/Y/Z travel: 750/705/650 mm;

Spindle rotation speed: 4500 rpm;

Number of tools: 40;

FANUC 31i-A CNC system.

Table positioning accuracy: ±0.0008 mm;

Machining accuracy: ±0.005 mm.

HYUNDAI WIA L230LMSA Lathe Machine

The HYUNDAI WIA L230LMSA lathe machining center is designed for mechanical processing of external and internal surfaces, shafts and discs, tapered surfaces, arcs, threads, hole boring, batch hole processing, as well as processing of curved surfaces. The maximum processing diameter is 310 mm.

The L230LMSA machine’s feature is the presence of a sub-spindle, which allows for complex part processing in one setup, eliminating positioning errors and increasing processing accuracy. The maximum sub-spindle rotation speed is 5000 RPM with a constant drive power of 3.7 kW. The presence of the sub-spindle enhances processing productivity and increases the machine’s functional capabilities.

The main spindle of the machine has a constant power drive of 11 kW with a maximum rotation speed of 4000 RPM. The main spindle construction has a large diameter bearing unit that enhances stability, power, and speed, while ensuring rigidity and durability.

Maximum processing length: 521 mm.

Workpiece diameter for turning: 600 mm;

X/Z/ZB travel: 220/560/590 mm;

Bar diameter: 65 mm (main spindle), 45 mm (sub-spindle);

FANUC i Series CNC system;

Processing accuracy: ±0.002 mm;

Repeatability: ±0.005 mm.

Vertical turning machine HYUNDAI WIA LV800R

The vertical turning machining center LV800R is designed for turning and boring cylindrical, conical, and shaped surfaces with a maximum diameter and processing length of 800 mm and a weight of up to 300 kg.

The spindle servo drive allows achieving a momentary spindle rotation characteristic of 1324 Nm. The Z-axis hydro compensator reduces the load on the spindle and bearings. The constant power of the main spindle drive is 22 kW at a maximum spindle rotation speed of 2000 rpm. The spindle is equipped with multi-row roller bearings, improving rigidity and accuracy.

Maximum workpiece diameter for turning: 890 mm;

X/Y travel: 440/800 mm;

Spindle rotation speed: 2000 rpm;

Number of tools: 12;

FANUC 32i-A CNC system;

Processing accuracy: ±0.002 mm;

Repeatability: ±0.005 mm


JSC «Iskra» has unique capabilities for applying paint coatings. In addition to widely used paint coatings, the enhanced type coating «Karboflex» has been implemented at the plant. The coating application technology is accredited and included in the Register of JSC «TRANSEFT». Surfaces of products/parts requiring painting undergo preliminary preparation, including the use of sandblasting. The dimensions of the painting and drying chambers enable the painting of products with lengths up to 10m.

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