TU 3663-008-00260132-2015

Vessels have the following purpose:- equalizing condensing (SC), designed to maintain the constancy and equality of condensate levels in the connecting lines transmitting the pressure drop from the diaphragms to the pressure difference converters when measuring steam flow;

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Overall and connecting dimensions of vessels of condensing SC.

 equalizing (SU), designed to maintain a constant liquid level in one of the two connecting lines when measuring the liquid level in tanks using pressure difference transducers, as well as to ensure equality of densities in pulse lines when measuring pressure difference transducers pressure drop or flow of liquids with a temperature above 120 C;

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Overall and connecting dimensions of vessels of equalizing SU.

separation (CP), designed to protect the internal cavities of pressure difference converters from the direct impact of the measured aggressive media by transmitting the measured pressure drop through the separation fluid.

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Overall and connecting dimensions of the separation vessel CP.

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